About Buyer Shore

Buyer Shore Online Shop is an e-commerce site which will be capable of providing every kind of goods and products.

The world’s market place will be only finger-tips away for any customer in possession of a smartphone/computer and an internet connection.
They will be able to purchase everything; from a safety-pin to car from our website.
We are utilizing 100% Bangladeshi personnel and resources and keeping the flow of cash within our borders.

It is a platform where people can purchase all kinds of goods from a single website. From a pencil to a book to a dress to a cell phone to cars;
everything is available in this website. Our online shop. is going to be so convenient and user-friendly for our customers that, they would rather order from our website than to go to the shop which is 100 meters away from his/her home.
That is the kind of target BuyerShore.com has set for itself. And once we achieve our targets in Bangladesh, we will start expanding towards other countries and present ourselves in a much broader
and global scale and encompass the entire world with our website in a short amount of time.

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